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While working at Wardell Armstrong International, Pete Whitbread-Abrutat reviewed and prepared mine closure and rehabilitation plans for many mines in many different contexts. Some examples include:

  • Detailed mine closure and rehabilitation plan preparation for a new IFC/ EBRD-financed gold mine project in Armenia, according to international good practice. Included costed and technically detailed plans for decommissioning and restoration of the site and infrastructure, ecology and hydrology and impact reduction on local communities. The work included setting closure goals, costing, advising on progressive restoration, ecological restoration and related community development.
  • Framework mine closure and rehabilitation plan preparation for a proposed lead/ zinc mine in western Cuba, according to national requirements and corporate policy. The site consisted of abandoned open pit mining operations with serious acid and metalliferous drainage, waste management, contaminated land and socio-economic issues. Included site visit and desk-top review.
  • Framework mine closure and rehabilitation plan development for six mines in a Kazakhstan gold mining complex, which required understanding of corporate standards, national regulatory requirements regarding closure and the related expectations of good international industry practice. Included site visits and desk-top review.
  • Mineral experts’ review of mine closure and rehabilitation practices, planning and financing for opencast lignite operations in central Poland for international investors and to IFC Performance Standards. The work involved analysis of environmental and social risks and non-compliance, progressive restoration, management practices and mine closure plans. Recommendations were provided for bringing current practice up to international standards. Included site visits and desk-top review.
  • Closure plan review for bauxite mine in Sierra Leone against good international industry practice including a review of the financial provision for closure, with recommendations for improvement. Prepared in accordance with the expectations of accepted good international industry practice and the IFC Performance Standards. Desk-top review.
  • Review of closure plan and costings, according to international requirements and best practice, for an intended gold project on a greenfield site in Bulgaria.
  • Review of mineral planning permissions (ROMPs), Cornwall, UK. Review of site master plan and restoration plan for the closed Wheal Jane Tin Mine. Included site visits and a review of revegetation and land-use options, including recommendations for improved public access, landscape aesthetics, biodiversity enhancement and alternative energy generation.

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February 1, 2018

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