Technical assistance

We work closely with clients in interpreting best practice guidance to improve performance. Our understanding of the key environmental and social issues and solutions that connect natural resources and land degradation enables a co-ordinated approach between different disciplines. We provide the following services:

  • Contributions to expert reports, audits and due diligence – JORC and NI43-101 reporting, competent persons reports, feasibility studies and technical reviews, according to international standards and good practice guidance.
  • CSR support and development – including strategy, policies, programmes, plans and procedures.
  • ESIA, environment and community – international ESIA management and review; monitoring and assessment, including stakeholder consultation and community development. Landscape and ecological restoration.
  • Interpreting and applying best practice guidance, as enshrined in the IFC Sustainability Framework, ICMM Sustainable Development Framework, and national and sectoral guidelines.
  • Project conception, development, management and implementation.

Building understanding

A key aspect of our work involves widening and deepening clients’ skills and knowledge bases. Our expertise derives from extensive first-hand experience and research of projects and operations on the ground. We take a flexible and interactive approach to designing courses and events by combining our skills, knowledge and experience, and working closely with clients to develop and deliver bespoke packages that match their requirements. We offer services in:

  • Training and educational courses, including developing bespoke courses and delivering to all kinds of organisations.
  • Capacity-building events, from workshops and seminars to conferences, from local to international, including: concept development and delivery, event programme co-ordination, logistics and facilitation.
  • Field-based programmes – hands-on learning in the field, including the refining of operational practices according to the expectations of good international industry practice.

Raising awareness

We adapt our experience in awareness-raising activities around sustainable development in general, and the natural resources sector in particular, for delivery to particular audiences including public groups, governments, businesses, educational institutions and non-governmental organisations. We encourage positive approaches where examples of success are used to inspire change in others. The services we offer include:

  • Awareness-raising events showcasing opportunities around landscape restoration, mine closure and improved environmental and social performance, customised as required.
  • Photographic service for recording landscapes in change and exploring the potential for beauty in dereliction.
  • Presentations – on a range of subjects related to leading-edge thinking around landscape restoration and environmental and social performance.
  • Written materials for all audiences.
  • Editing of written materials, both technical and non-technical.

Research and development

Our experience in applied academic research together with researching, reviewing and delivering leading practice on the ground has enabled a deep understanding of what constitutes success – both environmentally and socio-economically. Every project carries potential for learning. We take those lessons and combine them with our existing knowledge to provide bespoke solutions for projects in other places. Our services include:

  • Analysis, monitoring and evaluation of projects and operations to identify key risks, and successes, including the extraction of generic lessons for broader application.
  • Data interpretation – making complex technical information accessible.
  • Experimental design and implementation – developing bespoke solutions to specific technical issues.
  • Application of the latest thinking – by keeping abreast of new initiatives and research we ensure clients benefit from the latest thinking on business critical issues.