Atlantic Rainforest (Mata Atlantica) reserve; Argentina

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Training for the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve; Argentina

While at the Eden Project, Pete Whitbread-Abrutat participated in a three-year project supported by the UK’s Darwin Initiative to build capacity in the various Argentinian institutions responsible for the conservation of the largest remaining fragment of Atlantic Rainforest, which is found in Misiones Province, north-east Argentina. Pete carried out site visits of several small-scale forest restoration projects, holding discussions with government foresters, national park rangers and researchers, and presenting to the University of Misiones’ Forest Science Faculty.

The report on the findings submitted to the Darwin Initiative and Misiones stakeholders, outlined a series of field trials to improve forest restoration techniques and investigate how best to control invasive species, suggesting an international workshop on forest restoration to be held in the province.


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August 4, 2017

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