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Guitars and Tarps in Kabul’s Qambar Quagmire

The street corner busker strums simple tunes. His guitar is too small, but his talent accommodates. He wears a flat cap – its grey hue matching the leaden sky. His black trousers and sweatshirt are flecked with the yellow-brown filth that surrounds him – the same mud-shit concoction that forms the walls of the shabby […]

Charles Jencks’ Post-Mining Multiverse!

The renowned landscape architect, Charles Jencks, has created another post-mining masterpiece, this time in Scotland. Such works provide valuable lessons for landscape restoration and post-industrial regeneration. After his work on a Northumberland coal and clay mine waste site to produce the arresting topography of The Lady of the North – Northumberlandia, Jencks has constructed an entire […]

“The Colour Revolution Can’t Happen Without You” – A Tale of Two Cities. Guest blog by Landlife

Landlife and the National Wildflower Centre When Landlife began, as an early advocate for low cost ecological landscaping and creative conservation in inner city Liverpool, there were few people interested in producing wildflower seed and no commercial producers. To deliver projects with wildflowers meant collecting your own seed. To do this on an increasing scale […]

#MineClosurePerspectives: Landscape Restoration

All mining operations are unique and impressive responses to their particular contexts; consequently all mine closure projects are unique too – there is no standard formula or check-list for delivering them. What happens at and after closure is an important factor in determining how successful a mine has been in converting mineral assets to sustainable […]

#MineClosurePerspectives: Communities

In recent years some mining companies have moved beyond simply managing their environmental and social impacts to actively contributing to (sustainable) development in the locations and countries where they operate. This makes business sense as it improves the likelihood of gaining community acceptance, or social licence to operate, for their activities. Mining companies are generally […]

#MineClosurePerspectives: Mineral Wastes

Mining inevitably produces waste materials, often on a massive scale. Billions of tonnes of mineral wastes are produced annually, with some commentators even suggesting, perhaps tongue-in-cheek, that mining companies could equally be considered as waste management companies! The range of mineral wastes produced includes: waste rock and overburden, tailings, spent heap leach ores, abandoned ore […]

#MineClosurePerspectives: Ecological Restoration

‘We’ll just plant a few trees and walk away’ replied the mining company director after I’d asked him what thoughts had been given to restoring his post-mining land. He was pulling my leg, I think… The restoration of post-mining land is often stipulated in legislation relating to the industry, which typically requires that land is […]

#MineClosurePerspectives: AMD Creatives

In my last blog I introduced the vexing mine closure issue of acid and metalliferous drainage, or AMD. Acid drainage is a major environmental challenge for the global mining industry, but there are some creatively-minded people who have discovered value in issues as contentious as this, as introduced in this, the fourth #MineClosurePerspectives blog. Here […]