Whilst working at the Eden Project and in association with others, Pete Whitbread-Abrutat developed and managed the Eden Project – Rio Tinto partnership – a high profile, strategic relationship between Eden and the mining multi-national. This process involved a year’s deliberations between Eden, the company and others to ensure that the fit between the two organisations would work for the right reasons.

The partnership focused on delivering joint partnership objectives that aimed to raise public awareness as to the importance of the mining industry and to develop new initiatives around mining and sustainable development. Over several years the following outcomes and outputs were realised from the partnership:

  • Development of the Post-Mining Alliance and subsequent specific outcomes (see here),
  • Participation in the Mining and Biodiversity Working Group of the Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) Project,
  • Metals and minerals supply chains project that emerged from the Eden Project Core’s single-source copper roof (see here),
  • ‘101 Things To Do With a Hole in the Ground’ (see here),
  • ‘From the Earth’ mining exhibit at Eden (see here),
  • ‘Earthly Treasures’ children’s pop-up book about mining,
  • Involvement in the EU-funded European Network of Mining Regions (ENMR) project (see here).

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February 1, 2018

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