Nick Coppin

Nick has been a business leader and consultant for over 40 years, specialising in regeneration and environmental protection for the mining and minerals, renewable energy and waste management industries. He has worked extensively with government and regional authorities and international institutions on environmental protection, industrial development and finance, always aiming to reconcile development with environmental and ecological interests.

For private clients he has a broad experience of project design, ESIA, EMS, environmental audit, health and safety, due diligence and management of environmental and social liabilities. Nick is fully conversant with World Bank/IFC, EBRD and international guidelines, procedures, regulations and performance standards.

His specialist expertise in mine closure, reclamation, regeneration and management of post-mining liabilities has led him to be involved in a range of major post-mining projects in the UK, eastern Europe and Central Asia.

His experience covers a wide range of natural resources, including metalliferous, precious and ferrous minerals, coal, kaolin, industrial minerals and construction aggregate mining and quarrying; renewable energy and waste management.

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