Future Terrains’ mission is to tackle the challenge of degraded lands by enhancing environmental and social performance and promoting landscape restoration.

From our practical experience of environmental and social good practice in the natural resources sector and our first-hand knowledge of many of the world’s most significant landscape restoration projects, we know that positive change is possible. Such projects demonstrate that the challenges stymying progress can be overcome. We also know that the transfer of lessons is limited by geographical, institutional and cultural barriers, lack of capacity, dogma and hubris. We work across these boundaries in identifying lessons and transferring knowledge between people and places within the natural resources sector, and between the actors within that sector and others.

In delivering our mission we operate as a social enterprise, which means that we deliver environmental and social benefits through our business activities and reinvest the majority of profits made back into our work (see Social Enterprise UK). In so doing we work hard to abide by the following values:

  • People focussed – people are at the centre of environmental issues and excluding them from the solutions is, well, not really a solution! Inclusion accelerates creativity from unexpected quarters and encourages long-term buy-in.
  • Compassion – good practice and positive change comes about because motivated people care enough to provide the time to develop it and make it happen – often/ usually for reasons beyond the pay packet – and often from the most unexpected places.
  • Integrity – in spite of our imperfections, we try our best to walk the talk and make a difference while making a living. In our work we are open about who we are and what we do.
  • Optimism – having experienced large-scale transformational work in too many places to mention we fundamentally believe that change brings opportunity (as well as risk) and that positive environmental and social change is achievable on a large scale.

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