About Mine Closure and Mining Legacy

How mine closure and legacy issues are dealt with defines the public perception of the mining industry – and on-going impacts from poorly closed and abandoned mines can affect the reputation of the industry for years. There are successful examples of mine closure around the world and we have spent many years analysing these projects, as well as other kinds of post-industrial regeneration, to transfer thinking and develop practices applicable to post-mining scenarios. We are practised in interpreting and applying closure guidance from ICMM and IFC/World Bank and national institutions, as required. Our approach encourages the development of a closure mind-set early in the mine lifecycle and for it to receive buy-in throughout the company and to grow beyond the remit of just the environment department.

Abandoned mines present a particular challenge to the mining industry and wider society, in terms of responsibility for addressing their environmental and socio-economic impacts. Our years of research of legacy mine sites and related regeneration projects has built our understanding of developing bespoke approaches for dealing with them, based on practical examples from many jurisdictions and environments.


  • Mine closure planning and review
  • Setting of closure goals
  • Mine closure costing
  • Community development and social closure planning
  • Progressive ecological restoration
  • Community consultation and participation
  • Raising awareness of post-mining possibilities
  • Stakeholder consultation and brokering
  • Understanding of the complexities around mining legacies

Portfolio of Selected Mine Closure and Legacy Experience