About Landscape Restoration

We define landscape restoration as the improvement of degraded land on a large scale that rebuilds ecological integrity and enhances people’s lives. This definition is deliberately and conveniently broad in order to encompass a diverse range of ambitions, activities, scales, environments and societies, and end-uses.

Regardless of the cause of the degradation be it mining, agriculture, forestry, etc., the high level processes of restoring degraded landscapes are generic. Our research and first-hand experience of world class landscape restoration projects in different sectors and diverse environments and socio-economic situations have built our understanding of how success can be achieved. We have developed transferable lessons to engrain sustainability and good governance from the outset to deliver both ecological and livelihood benefits from landscape restoration activities and, by working collaboratively as a matter of course, we ensure that stakeholder buy-in develops and that all parties gain from the experience.


  • Project conception, development and management
  • Project context analysis
  • Community and stakeholder consultation and analysis
  • Ecosystem services analysis
  • Livelihoods assessment
  • Ecological restoration techniques
  • Forest landscape restoration techniques
  • Developing research programmes
  • Public awareness-raising
  • Team strengthening
  • Governance structures
  • Networking and constituency building

Portfolio of Selected Landscape Restoration Experience