About Environmental and Social Management

Critical to companies in the natural resources sector is gaining and maintaining a social licence to operate. Central to this is a company’s environmental and social management performance, and implementing good international industry practice over the project lifecycle will also ensure that detrimental impacts are minimised thereby reducing end of life project closure and restoration costs.

We are practised in assessing environmental and social performance against corporate requirements, national regulation and the expectations of good national and international industry practice and guidance, such as the IFC Performance Standards, IFC/ World Bank Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines, EBRD Performance Requirements, Equator Principles, ICMM Sustainable Development Framework and other national and international best practice guidance.


  • Reviews, audits and due diligence studies, including JORC and NI43-101 compliant competent persons reporting
  • Environmental and social impact assessment, including scoping and baseline studies, project management and ESIA reviews
  • Contributions to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Analysis, monitoring and evaluation of environmental and social risk
  • Development of policies, management plans and operational procedures
  • Stakeholder and community consultation
  • Acid and metalliferous drainage, contaminated land and waters
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment
  • Community development assistance and planning
  • Research and development programmes

Portfolio of Selected Environmental and Social Management Experience